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The Swords Project's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
The Swords Project

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Damn shame [16 Aug 04     04:11PM]

Every time I've gone to see these people, the shows suddenly changed to 21+ at the last second....Urgh! they were playing with mono as well!
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Sometimes the day doesn't fit the space we allowed for it. [16 May 04     02:47AM]

[ mood | exhausted ]

I found out that the Swords Project were playing in Los Angeles when I would be down there.
It would be nice to see a show outside of Seattle for a change.
Different crowds, different venues...

Then I found out it was 21+ and I'm not quite 21 yet.
This was the biggest disappointment of my evening.

Because of the age factor, I've only been able to see the Swords Project once and they're from down the interstate.

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[8 Apr 04     10:27AM]

their website is currently back up! <3

i plan to re-vamp this place, so keep your eyes peeeeeled! <3
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[24 Feb 04     11:00AM]

I need to find out why their website isn't working, do any of the few of you know? X_x
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[23 Feb 04     11:38PM]

Saw the Swords Project last night and was amazed after just one song. Especially by Liza. How talented is she? & not to mention super sweet.
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[16 Feb 04     01:44PM]

Alright, this is practically done! I decided that since I am really into The Swords Project, I'd make a fan community! <3

It's still in the works a bit, but I am almost finished.

- Ana M.
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